Why don’t all

Qualify for ERC?

You don’t qualify just because the pandemic impacted your business. Your industry, state, and circumstances determine whether you qualify for this credit and for how much.

You may not qualify for the entire $26,000 per employee, but you should still consider this incentive.

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What is the

Employee Retention Credit?

The Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERC) is a refundable tax credit designed to reward business owners for retaining employees throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, many business owners are receiving bad advice on how they qualify. The ERC is still the most powerful incentive available but it must be appropriately documented and calculated. To ensure you are asking the right questions while choosing a provider, it is critical to understand the most common misunderstandings surrounding this credit.

5 ERC Misunderstandings

To help you cut through the noise, we’re debunking the most common misunderstandings currently circulating in the ERC world. You should know that:

Our Process

At alliantgroup, there is a comprehensive study process, which includes


A risk-free, no-cost assessment


Cataloging applicable mandates


Documentation of more than nominal impact


Calculation of credit and accounting for other relief and incentives claimed.

We actively work with business owners in every industry to help them claim this lucrative tax break, but not every business qualifies and we have rejected 1/3 of the claims we’ve reviewed because they fall short of IRS standards. Our team includes industry experts and former IRS commissioners bring insights that allow us to better assess if you qualify for this credit.

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How It Works

Watch our video to understand more about how alliantgroup has helped businesses claim the ERC.

Tax Savings Examples

Hundreds of Employers from a Variety of industries Have Benefited from alliantgroup's ERC Services.


$23 Million



Q1 | 2021 ERC Qualifications:
  • Supply chain issues
  • Reduction in capacity due to social distancing
  • Partial shutdown of operations

$92.7 Million


$2.5 Million

Q2 & Q3 | 2021 ERC Qualifications:
  • ERC Qualifications Experienced severe supply chain issues
  • Faced revenue loss as large clients canceled their accounts.
Dental Laboratory

$7 Million



Q1, Q2 & Q3 | 2021 ERC Qualifications:
  • Drop in revenue
  • Impacted by social distancing
  • Unable to fully staff lab due to spatial restrictions

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Top 5 ERC Mistakes to Avoid

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Dean Zerbe

Former Senior Counsel to the
U.S. Senate Finance Committee
National Managing Director - alliantgroup


Why Businesses choose alliantgroup

The money that alliantgroup retrieved for us is going to help us build our business, and that’s what this tax credit is for: strengthening businesses.

Charles Poettker

Poettker Construction

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